Cellu-Sculpt Anti Cellulite Slimming Treatmet Review



Company: Avon

Price: $16.00

Cellu Sculpt is a cellulite cream that was part of the Avon skin care line up. While the company no longer carries this product on their website the product is still sometimes available through auctions and other sources.

However, before customer pay the $16.00 per 6.7 ounce tube they want to know if this product can indeed reduce cellulite and help to firm thighs, buttocks, and other problem areas. Hopefully, this review will answer that question.

Brief Product Review

Many consumers may feel drawn to Cellu Sculpt because it was manufactured and sold by Avon, which is a name that many consumers trust. One good thing about this product as with all Avon products was that it was not tested on animals. The product itself is to be massaged into the problem areas twice a day using an upward circular motion and it claims that within a month or so you should begin to experience a tightening of the skin and reduction of cellulite.


To see if Cellu Sculpt can live up to it's promises the first place to look is to its ingredients. There were 41 ingredients in all including caffeine, gingko biloba, ginseng, glycerin, startch, zea mays, and potassium sorbate. While there were plenty of ingredients that are known for their skin tightening properties there were few if any ingredients that indicated that this product could or would reduce cellulite.

Caffeine (disambiguation): Can be found in the fruit, leaves, and seeds of many plants, most commonly known by humans in coffee plant beans. In other plants it acts as a natural pesticide which affects certain insects by paralyzing and killing them after eating the plants. Caffeine is also used in many skin care products for its dehydrating effects.

ginkgo biloba: Gingko supplements are used in many health care and pharmaceutical products. Although known to treat numerous conditions it is widely known to be effective in the treatment of dementia.

Ginseng: Grows in cooler climates mainly in the Northern Hemisphere in areas such as Korea, China and Siberia. Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) roots usually are taken orally as an aphrodisiac or stimulant. It is commonly used in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction and diabetes, but is also used in many health care and skin products for its antioxidant properties.

Glycerin: Is an odorless, colorless liquid that is soluble in water. Glycerin is low in toxicity and has a sweet taste. Glycerin is widely used in pharmaceutical, medical and personal care products, usually as a way of improving smoothness or providing lubrication. Found in allergen immunotherapies, hair care products, skin care products, soaps, personal lubricants and mouthwashes.

Startch: Is made up of a large number of glucose units tied together by glycosidic bonds. Starch is one of the most common carbohydrates in the human diet, largely in foods such as wheat, potatoes, rice, cassava and maize. Used in many cosmetic creams and as athickening process.

User Reviews

In addition, the reviews on this product were hard to find and the ones that were available were mixed. While many women did experience a tightening of their skin resulting in the firming of certain areas few actually saw a reduction of cellulite which judging by the ingredients were to be expected.

However, since the product clearly states that continued use of the Cellu sculpt is needed to maintain results one has to wonder since Avon no longer makes this product how long the tighter skin will last on those who saw definite results. One also has to wonder what the cost would be if the product did continue to be available since it must be used on an ongoing basis.

Does It Work?

When everything is taken into consideration it is clear that while Cellu Sculpt may in fact tighten the skin over the cellulite it has no ability to actually reduce the cellulite itself so most users of this product will still have visible lumps and dimples. In addition, the fact that Avon has discontinued this product themselves strongly suggests that this product is incapable of living up to its promises and that the company is aware of that fact. Avon itself has gone on to selling other cellulite reducing creams abandoning this cream as a lost cause.


Cellu Sculpt was destined to failure from the beginning it contain few if any ingredients that were known to reduce cellulite. In addition, the reviews for this product were medium to poor in general and Avon itself quit selling this product, which is paramount to an admission that this product never worked.

While this product may still be available as of now, finding it will become more and more difficult since it has been discontinued. Consumers would be better advised to spend their money on a product that is still being manufactured and has been proven to be effective in reducing cellulite.

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